Approved for Slack
The better way to get approvals
Approved takes care of approval requests for you, right inside Slack. Getting sign offs faster than before, while you stay focused.
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Create requests from anywhere

These days, a huge portion of our time is spent in Slack. Email? Never heard of it. More services? Platforms? That’s just more to keep up with.

Anywhere in Slack, one simple slash command, and Approved is at your service.

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Let Approved do the legwork
Create the request, and get right back to what matters. Approved will do the rounds, asking for decisions and feedback from your colleagues.
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Stay in the loop
Approved keeps you up-to-date. But at the right moments – letting you know when the request is approved or when a denial comes through.
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Communicate more effectively
Approved gathers feedback from colleagues on denials and offers quick shortcuts to get a productive dialog going when needed.
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Keep tabs on past requests
Hey, remember that request from a year back? Approved keeps a record of all past approval requests and their outcomes for quick reference. Because sometimes digging up the past is a necessity.
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Things you’re going to love:
Approver Groups

Don’t lose time requesting approval from the same 37 colleagues again and again and again. Create an Approver Group and do select ‘em all in one click.


We’re all busy. And sometimes – a bit forgetful. Keep the important things top of mind and let Approved remind you if a request hasn’t been approved in a certain timeframe.

Secure File Attachments

Need an approval on an invoice?
Got you covered – without a single file ever physically leaving your Slack workspace.

One-Click Follow Ups

Remember those 37 colleagues from up above? Follow up with all the ones who haven’t provided feedback in just one click. And then go spend that reclaimed time on that Flat White.

Care For Your Data

Approved stores zero PII, and file attachments are stored as links accessible only from inside your Slack workspace, by members with whom they have been shared.

Custom request templates

Need to approve the purchase of a new device? Access to a repository or service? Create custom templates for the requests you find yourself drafting most often.

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Painless approval requests in Slack
Take the load off of your team by getting started with Approved today.
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